Small to Medium Hotels and Chain Business Solutions Consultancy

The RSE consulting team provides you, the distributed hospitality organization, through an in depth analysis of your operations the ability to centralize distributed functions by using its experience, skills, and resources in order to maximize your organization's success.

The objective of our Team is to be able to supply the ‘know-how’ needed for a small to medium national hotel chain to consolidate its organizational resources. Until now, only large distributed hotel chains have had the capital and expertise to centralize resources. With the introduction of new communication technology in conjunction with RSEhms, this is now available to small to
medium hotel chains. Our Concept is to bring together distributed functions of your organization into one central organizational unit.

This pioneering concept is a result of RSE's long experience with:
Large Customer base of small and medium hotel national chains Centralization of distributed hotel databases
Characterizing of applications based on centralized non integrated databases Intensive work in the ASP (Application Service Provider) environment
Our team will help your company develop better business strategies based on proven practices. You'll receive an IT policy and environment tailored precisely to meet your needs. And you'll enjoy faster, cost-effective implementation. RSE Business Solutions consulting provides:
Solution strategy Assists you with identifying business opportunities and selecting the solution that best fits your business strategy. Program and project management Delivers expert skills in project management, and assists you in reaching project goals and implementing on time and within budget.
Business solution design Designs blueprints for business solutions. This includes design of business processes, information architectures, enterprise portals, and user roles, as well as traditional solution elements such as software, technology, services, and content. Organizational change management Defines and facilitates organizational, technical, and other processes to reduce disruptions and ensure project success.
Quality and risk management Ensures quality and minimizes risk through project, solution, development, and technical reviews. Continuous business improvement Helps you exploit and optimize your initial investment in RSE solutions and plan for future value-added investments.
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