If you select the ASP solution, RSEhms software resides on the RSE's servers and can accessed by users through a web browser using HTML or by MS-RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).

The advantages to this approach include:
Software integration issues are eliminated from the client site
Software costs for the application are spread over a number of clients
Key software systems are kept up to date, available, and managed for performance by experts
Improved reliability, availability, scalability and security of internal IT systems
A provider's service level agreement guarantees a certain level of service
Access to product and technology experts dedicated to available products
Reduction of internal IT costs to a predictable monthly fee
Redeploying IT staff and tools to focus on strategic technology projects that impact the enterprise's bottom line
RSE's ASP service offers its customers his whole range of solutions. Options including multi user interfaces, integration of third party products and easy pay as you go. RSE's team will provide all technology service and you can take care about you business.
All RSE line applications are fully integrated, using a single image open database, allowing full access to data across all modules and all hotel departments whether it be Reception or Banqueting, Spa or Accounts receivable, all modules read from the same database. And in addition all modules have the same recognizable user interface allowing staff to easily switch between applications. The RSE line virtually obviates the need for expensive, third party 'add on' programs that can never provide the seamless integration of single source applications.